Monday, July 21, 2008

Upon reading further, you might feel that I have written nothing different. How boring you might say. Yes, I have written nothing different. A lot of people have said this before. I am just another guy saying the same old thing.

However I am writing this to let everyone know that I think too. And many times, I do think correct. Alright, let’s talk.

Recently, I have been having this thought repeatedly. Whenever I am alone, I face these words – ITS ALL ABOUT A CHOICE—

It’s been eating me for long now. Upon giving it some thought I have realized that it really is all about a choice. By ‘it’ I mean, for most part, the way we choose to live our lives. If you too try giving it a little thought, you just might feel that what I am saying is true. Otherwise, you would think I am a madman, talking nonsense.

I once had a huge argument at home and was sitting alone later in a coffee shop when it suddenly struck me. The thought. I tried to ignore it and convince myself that it was the other person’s fault and that I did not need to feel guilty. But it just kept coming back. It was almost like a zombie following me wherever I went. I was feeling low already so I decided to give in to the feeling and actually give an ear to what was going through my mind. In the end I did realize that the argument was totally my making and nobody else’s. I was the one to blame for all the things said. It was then that I realized that I actually had a choice to yell or not. I had gone for the former and had suffered miserable feelings. It was almost as if I was speaking to myself, talking myself out of anger, transforming into a calm, composed, good human being.

Then, my inner voice or my subconscious told me that it was all really about a choice.

Our life is really all about the choices we make.

One choice of ours can lead to happiness for ourselves and others, or could wreak emotional havoc. It is always a choice. Our name is a choice made by our parents. The way we are brought up is a choice that’s made by our parents. The morals and values we get at home is again the choice of our parents and other family members. What we choose to take from these values is our own choice.

It’s always choice to be angry or not.

It’s always a choice to be happy or unhappy,

To be satisfied or otherwise,

To be cheerful or not,

To share or not,

To emote or otherwise,

To be arrogant or not,

To be rude or polite,

To hurt others or to cheer them up,

To love others or to hate others…….

The list goes on & on & on….

What I want to say is that it is always a choice that keeps us happy or unhappy,

Tires us down or keeps us fresh.

It is always choices which make us who we are, what we are & how we are.

So in the end,