Sunday, December 23, 2012

And Again...

So, I spent a lot of time thinking whether there is any point to writing anything about the recent events or not. There is definitely a point in one expressing his/her views about an event that is so brutal and heinous as the Delhi gang rape. But what purpose am I, sitting in a city far off and pontificating about it, going to serve; to a cause that needs the most urgent and sincere attention?
But after a point, when one keeps reading the news, one is bound to feel helpless that one cannot actually be there and say something about it, be a part of the protests that are happening to try and make the government, for once, sit up and take notice that the people of this country are not idiots who have put you there to have your way and say, “we are looking into the matter, we have ordered an enquiry.” We all know how much of BullShit that is. I just want to say a few things about the issue. I know that I am not a woman and I probably will never understand the women's perspective or problems. I just wish to say a few things as a friend, a brother, son, and a potential father of a girl someday.
This naturally, as we all know is not the first case of such a crime. The brutality, and heinous nature of it is probably a first. It is a reflection of the direction in which our society is headed. What are we teaching? What are we learning? What are we standing to be, and what are we displaying to the younger generations? Over the years we have seen women being subjected to violence. At home, on the street, in movie theaters, even in the movies. Then there are cops who come out to say more often than not that it is the girl's fault. What fault? Is it her fault if she wants to look good? Is it her fault that she has a body? Do these cops mean to say that we, like some countries in this world, should make our women wear a burkha? Ok, if we do that, HELLO! RAPES HAPPEN DESPITE THAT! So what is the problem? The problem is social and mental. We are conditioned to think that women are subject to our whims and fancies. It starts with a simple question that a woman can ask a man, like “why?” and the answer, will almost always be, “because I said so!”. From there begins a case of conditioning of a child, where if he is a boy, he learns that women can be ordered around, and made to serve. If it is a girl, she learns that she has to take it lying low.
Break out of that, and you have had it. If you are a guy, you will be called a sissy, fattu, lacking manlihood etc etc. If you are a girl, you will be called loose, characterless, or low. I dont know from where this has filtered into our culture, because from what I remember reading in school, we were a country, or a culture, which respected its women, where women would be held in high esteem. I guess all that was hogwash. I guess we never did, and that is why it is a chronic problem with us. This problem needs to be dealt with from the root. From homes, from schools, where these malevolence develops. Children need to be taught how to respect women. They need to know that the moment they disrespect a woman, they are also disrespecting their own mothers. Now I know that most of the things that I am saying are probably utopian, however as I said, I just want to air my views.
I have sisters, I have a mother, and I don't know how to react when any of them decide to go out late, or are getting back from work late. Going by what the cops say, should I be thinking that they are the ones who would want to get this? Should be afraid for their safety all the time that they are out?
Every time that this happens, we are told that the solution is for people to go back home early. No. I don't think so. I think that the solution is what my friend told me. It is that people should work later through the nights, have places open till later in the night. The more people there are around all the time, the lesser the chance of crime in general. And if it does happen, you will still potentially have more witnesses to nail the bloody criminals. When there are things that are open 24 hours, the government will obviously generate more revenue from the extra income that these places make. See, the basic problem is that these things generally happen in dark, secluded areas. Especially in the night, when because of our “regulations” and “curbs and norms”, the whole freaking city is probably a dark, secluded area. Why should anyone live in fear or paranoia? Don't people in the government's policy making machinery have friends, sisters, mothers, wives and daughters? Oh yeah I almost forgot. They are either kept at home, or they have security. But what about the countless women from the general public? Why should my friends have to be in fear of even stepping out? Why should they be afraid of enjoying a good time with a few friends if they want to?
Now that people are protesting for the same, the government tells them. Don't protest. We are talking about it. Does the government really think that people are going to buy their shit anymore? I want to ask a question. Where are all the so-called youth leaders? Where is Rahul Gandhi? Don't they feel the angst of the general public. The problem is also that I am having to say “General Public” and “ them”. This in itself shows that we don't relate to our politicians as one of us. This is because they never feel like one of us either. We are still living in a feudal country, a country which is governed by a few who have developed a convenient cycle of refreshing their need to be in power. Anyway, that was a digression from my main point. How does one even begin to solve this problem?
It is a problem that I don't think can be solved by just protests and capital punishment. Capital punishment will only reduce the chances of any woman surviving a rape. In this case however, there needs to be an example set by the government if they want to redeem any shame. However, for the future, capital punishment might not be a solution. Because rapes are not going to stop in a day. A chronic problem needs some time to be solved. So till then, what can be done? There needs to be mental and cultural cleaning where people are taught to respect women, as I have said earlier. However, that alone will not be enough. Women also need to be made to feel safe. There needs to be better policing, and the police need to be better. I genuinely think again that having the cities open all night would be a pragmatic solution to an age old problem. It will not solve it all though. The things that I have mentioned before, will also have to be worked out and will need to be working properly if it has to be effective.
But on another note, why are protests happening only in Delhi? Why is Mumbai quiet? On top of that why are people from cities like Mumbai and Pune celebrating? Mumbai has no reason to be so proud because Mumbai has the second highest number of rape cases reported in the country. People from Pune, shut up and stop celebrating. Rather focus on making the city safer so that it never gets this “rape sheet”. And don't forget that there are rapes that happen even in Pune and that only a few years back, Pune was notorious for sexual harassment and rapes at certain areas.
If this does not spread, it is going to go down as just another case in that city called Delhi.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


a cliff,
a high cliff,
and a spot at the bottom
on the white carpet of snow
lies there dead
the dream
clouds cloud my vision
I swoop down and lay my hands on the dream
swoop back up and eat it all
I relish the flavor
I savour the taste
then I realise that the dream was not mine
but I have eaten it now,
so it is inside me,
I am the dream
the dream is me

I am.
 a Vulture

I wonder

 I sit at the edge,
in the water,
    and in the sky,
 feel the cold wind,
brush against my skin,
   blood rushes through my veins,
 I smell that fragrance,
      which draws me into a slumber,
a slumber that I never wake up from....

a strange word,
a strong word,
an emotional,
after all,
just a word.


There are stories and there are more stories. Stories are told to be believed in, to create a connect, to be re-told. Sometimes our real life actions lead to becoming stories. Sometimes they become part of gossip, which is also a kind of storytelling. Sometimes we expect it and sometimes we don't. I didn't.

 There are times when I wonder what must have become of me in that story that is going around? Will I be able to recognize that person if he walks into the same room as I? He will of course have the same face, same features, same everything. But his actions, his demeanour might not be me at all. There will of course be some close similarities, because the creator of the story is someone who I knew very well at a point in time. It is funny however when one hears a story about themselves from someone who heard it from someone who does not even know them. That is what happened recently.

I met someone after long and that person went, " you know what, I heard this about you. And you know the person telling me was totally judging you man." I almost fell off my chair laughing. That was because the person who was talking about me has never even seen my face. Forget having met me and interacted with me. I said, " you know I guess these people never really got a job, or have anything better to do in life that poke into unknown individuals' lives and talk about it. Let them. I would get some airtime in the process I guess :P"

However when one sits back and thinks about it, it does suck quite a bit. Why are people who had nothing to do with what happened between me and the other individual trying to judge it? who asked them for an opinion? Who asked them to take the hot seat and decide what is right and what is wrong for me. The only people who have the right or the privilege to do that are my parents and after them my immediate family members. About those who want to make me so important in their life that they want to spend time thinking and analysing my actions as to whether they were right/wrong, timed well or not, ethical/unethical... Best of luck. Please go ahead and waste more time. Because, I don't give a flying donkey's ass about what you think. I really don't care. Fine. You guys might have been important at a certain point in time, but your own actions and behaviours have alienated you from me. I have never been that hurt as I was when all my friends, obviously excepting a few, decided to simply buzz off, without even having the decency to tell that you know what I dont want to talk to you. I would have been ok with that. Absolutely.

I really don't understand how these things work. Fine. I did wrong. What do you care? Why do you have to have an opinion about it? How does that affect you and me? How does it affect the independent relationship that I shared with you as a general friend, or a contact of yours?

The crux of the matter is that There is a horde of donkeys flying out there and I don't give any of their asses for you.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Bolero SLX

Bolero SLX
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I just had to take this picture when I saw the natural setting that was being made by Mother Nature around us at the moment. The light was perfect, the grass was perfect, the off-road trail that we took was also near perfect.... This photograph had to be taken...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Uneasy Sleep

Uneasy Sleep
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This is all that I have been doing for a while now... I work.. Then I sleep.. I read... And I sleep... I eat... and then I sleep.... I sleep, and I sleep....


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Blind by choice...

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Do we really want to be completely blind to what is happening around us when we say we want to???

Friday, April 27, 2012

Gateway of India

Gateway of India
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A panorama that I shot at the gateway of India. this is only the second time that I have shot a panorama. I am quite liking this.. :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Portrait 1

Portrait 1
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This is the beginnings of my effort to create a series of portraits with the simplest of means, use the house lights for what they are worth, and capture people in this particular part of my residence. Everytime anyone visits our house, I take them to this spot in the house, and take a picture. Hope to get a nice series going pretty quick.