Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Camera... New Video

I just recently bought a Nikon D 7000. I bought the camera for its utility to me as I want to take pictures and videos at once, given the photo-filmmaking kind of work that I intend to do. I love the camera for its simple and powerful functionality. I have still to get used to it properly.
I took a few test shots of its video capabilities when it was just out of the box, and made this video :

I am highly impressed with the quality of video of this camera. It is not too far off the visual impact created by the supposedly "better off" video cameras from Canon, Like the 7D. Infact, I find this camera more spot on than the 7D in terms of color rendering for video. There is hardly any banding in daylight, or any burning out of colors. There will be things that will keep getting revealed as I keep exploring the boundaries of this camera. As and when new discoveries are made, they will be posted here.

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  1. This was a post that was posted almost on the day that the camera was bought, and naturally the camera by now has gone through the rigours of shooting a lot. The camera has been to about 4 short film shoots now, and has been used in harsh sunlight, at sea, in the monsoon etc. So it has had a year of proper testing and use. I would only differ on the point I had made about Banding and color rendering. The color rendering in my opinion is still spot on. however, I find that the camera lacks tonal range at some settings, and finding the right settings is a big pain. The camera has many other niggly bits that can be a real deal breaker when you are shooting non-fiction stuff. Or even when shooting fiction and need some basic stuff like a higher FPS. will write a separate article about that.


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